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Welcome to Corleone

63 Great Northern  HWY Midland


December 24 closing at 9.00pm, the 25 and 26 Closed. December 31 and January 1 Closed. All the other days is business as usual  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm-9.30pm Friday, Saturday 5pm-10.30pm Sunday 5pm-9pm,  Tuesday Closed 

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We can also open the shop at lunchtime for parties, corporate lunches and general events. Booking with at least 24 hour notice is essential.Please give us a call or leave a message throug our website or our facebook page.

Where We Deliver You Say?

Well we are in Midland so...: Bellevue, Caversham (part of), Dayton, Grenmount (part of), Guildford, Hazelmere Helena Valley (part of), Herne Hill, Jane Brook, Koongamia, Middle Swan, Midland, Midvale, South Guildford (part of), Stratton, Swan View, Viveash and Woodbridge.  Minimun order $20.00.  Delivery fee varies from $5.00 to $10.00    

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dine in and specials

Dine In

Corleone at present is not liquor licensed but you can bring your own and there will be not corkage fee. Orders are taken at the counter and all the dinnerware is provided on a self service basis. On top of the normal menu, dining in will give you an option of extra dishes and other delicacy  

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Trying To Make Everybody Happy

Thanks to our kids now we have a Facebook page. You can now follow us on our latest news and comments. 

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Who We Are

A Family Own Restaurant With A Passion

The idea started more than 20 years ago, when me and my wife and a group of friends decided that we needed it a "square", a meeting point where, with the excuse of "work", we could socialize between us and all the people that would come in the shop. We did discover, this way, our passion for food and thanks to the people's compliments we kept going even when we progressed in our lives. We went from Bassendean to Bayswater but the decision to come to Midland was dictated by the necessity to get away from the the city where expenses and increasing selfishness started to get ridiculous. We were on a mission and luckily we found this oasis just outside the Midland town center, perfect to continue the main goal of the business: to provide an Italian sensation with good quality and generous meals at reasonable price. All of ours meals are part of our Italian background (apart from few pizzas on the menu there by popular demand) and all together they just a summary of a simple delicious dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. The dining area is a new addition to the philosophy, because there is nothing better and more rewarding than to see somebody taste your favorite food and like it.

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What We Do

The Perfect Storm

  • Trying to get the freshest supplies every week
  • Juggle between love for food and economic viability (lost battle)
  • Argue with family and friends to get a decent roster
  • Compromise with the need to talk out loud and using our hands
  • Judgmental with all of our meals from the kitchen and the oven
  • Appreciate what my unrealistic wife does in the kitchen

Get in touch

Use the form below to get in touch, or give us a call on 0892503090

Things You Should Know

From Experience And Consideration

  • "Carbonara sauce"

  • This type of sauce is available just to the old clients as it's been replace with the "Salmone" sauce.The Carbonara sauce comes from my hometown, does not come with cream, mushroom or chicken, just eggs, pancetta and pecorino cheese. Best eaten as dine-in as it looses fluidity in a very short time.
  • "Pasta sauces"

    They can be swapped but you will ruin typical italian dishes. It is against our religion and you're on your own
  • "Verde pizza"

    The spinach is boiled and cooked with garlic, chilli, butter and parmesan cheese and no... we cannot take any of these ingredients out once they're cooked
  • "Works pizza"

    It comes with Anchovied and Prawns. Does not contain Mussels anymore. Tins of smoked mussels never go off, which is not normal, so we do not use them. The Marinara pizza instead is provided with fresh mussels which are disposed of every 48 hours
  • "Gluten free pizza"

    Is available just on a large size and cost $4.50 more on of large size pizza. Keep in mind they difficult to cook especially if they have to many toppings
  • "BBQ Sauce and Pineapple"

    Are not part of any italian tradition, they are used in some pizzas and on your request. Love and Peace